About us

JSC “LIREGUS” is the biggest and oldest manufacturer of electrical installation accessories in Baltic States.

Our products are various sockets (electricity, TV, internet etc.), switches (lights, dimmers, blinds, bells etc.) and installation boxes. Products are designed to fulfill all endusers requirements. We can produce up to 350 000 pieces per month. We have sold about 15 mln. pieces since 1965. Also we manufacture cable systems and lamp holders for industrial clients. We distribute our products in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Belorus, Russia, Poland. Many years experience let us make products suitable for various room interiors. The product assortment fulfill requirements  for networks installations in big living and public hauses.


At present we are looking for distribution partners in different countries. For detailed information please contact us directly. We offer partnership advantages:

  • Flexible assortment. Assortment covers over 500 products and annually renewed by 8-10 positions. Various colors and design elements from classic to modern. We can replace 2-3 standard suppliers. Products customization on big amounts: your own design and branding. We can supply various packages: only inside parts, Easy Mounting Pack with additional wires etc.
  • Highest quality. Products meets the requirements of IEC 60669, IEC 60884 international standards and has VDE certificates. Our products are made of PC plastic, switches with silver contacts. Our own testing laboratory makes additional quality control of each production lot.
  • Life Time Warranty. Our products quality control give us right to give life time waranty for our products.
  • Good partnership conditions. Fast delivery of products from our warehouses, flexible payment terms, marketing support on our own expenses.
  • Social responsibility. Some technical procedures are implemented by disabled workers.

More about our products series


The newest serie is EPSILON (from 2013). It has 2 type of plastic frames, 3 types of glass frames, and 3 types of natural wood frames.


ALFA is our modern product series. It is made from PC (Polycarbonate) plastic, which is resistive to UV rays (no discoloration) and mechanical impacts (no abrasion). Contacts are made of silver, so they help to prolong the life time of products. Various colors: white, sand, peach, metallic and black can fit any interior designs requirements. ALFA series covers a lot of functions: electricity, internet, TV, speakers etc.

In series ALFA LUX meets the series Alfa technical decisions and functionality with modern decorations. ALFA LUX could fit needs of the customers with very selective tastes.

GAMA is our classic product series. Technically and functionally it is made on basis of ALFA. It represents classic and timeless forms of electrical installation accessories.

DELTA is our economic product series. We have renewed absolutely this line in 2007. If you are looking quality for fair price, DELTA is the right choice.

HERMI is our extra protection product series. IP44 protection lets to install it in extra unfriendly environments. We are the only one manufacturer of IP44 double outlet sockets in Lithuania.