EPSILON, flush mounting, antracite colour

Wireless lighting control package (radio) with a “Slim Line” frame

RJ-314 E/J

Wireless lighting control package (1st class) with a “Slim Line” frame.

The product is meant to control the lamps wirelessly (with radio waves). The receiver is very compact; it can easily be installed under the lid of the lamp, as well as in the installation or mounting box.

230 V, 5A, 750W max. Working frequency: 433,92 MHz. IP20. The product is completed with one “Slim Line” frame (the product can be mounted also on the multi-spot frames, which have 2 – 6 spots).

How does it work? 

For example, on the wall we have a switch, which is nor convenient, nor suitable for us. Instead of that switch, we install radio switch’s receiver (DJ-01i), while on the wall or a furniture we fix a radio wave controlled transmitter (DJ-01s). Now, we can turn the lamp on by using the transmitter, which is located in a new place.


Used products: one package of radio switch RJ-314.



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